My week of marathon journalism has started to catch up with me. Yesterday, I was ran around campus balancing my open laptop as I attempted to load something onto my external hard drive. Earlier today, I decided to bypass the last stair as I walked out of my ethics class (that's just a fancy way of saying I slightly wiped out while balancing all of my equipment and backpack). And, as predicted, I am slowly losing the ability to speak coherent sentences. The most recent addition to this list: I forgot how to spell the word addition. It took about 5 times typing it to get the correct spelling. 

Amidst losing my sanity, The Fugees held their third set of workshops last night. I wish I could tell you what the theme was for last night's workshop (I.E. basics of improv or character based games) But, due to the slight crisis I was facing, I wasn't quite listening. I was setting up my filming equipment and, as I turned it on, the video camera screen said it there was no SD card inside the camera. Hence the panic. Without an SD card, I could not film. We almost had a repeat of me running out of a Fugees practice in a panic, along with plenty of curse words whispered at my camera. Turns out, the SD card was just placed in the wrong slot. Just another case of Brynne overreacting too quickly. 

With last night's practice, I decided to take pictures on top of filming. I forgot how hard it was to photograph in Humphrey Hall. The horrible lighting makes for very washed out backgrounds. Now I remember why I took black and white pictures for my last project with the Fugees. But these pictures were not so much for the quality but to document what I have been filming and blogging about these past few weeks. 

The workshop has run the same as the previous two. Instead of attempting to film all of the workshop attendees' scenes, I finally figured out a pattern to my filming. Now, I'm trying to film every other scene. The only exception is when someone I consider to be a standout in a scene. Besides interviews with the Fugees and clips of them explaining/demonstrating games, I've decided to focus on clips of the soon-to-be Newgees in the workshop and audition process. I believe I will be interviewing a few members of the Fugees before next week's workshop. The video is starting to come together, you guys! 

The Fugees did not end the workshop with a game of Mafia, as usual (until next time, Mr. Lacy). They went straight to their post-workshop discussions. It's interesting to see how their opinions have evolved and changed over the past few weeks. The group then transitioned out of workshop mode to film a promo for their upcoming show. See below... it's definitely the best promo they've done for any of their shows. 

Also, if anyone is wondering, the title of this post came from a line from one the scenes at the workshop. I really, really hate naming articles. It may be my least favorite part of writing. So thank you, workshop attendee, for making my job a little easier.

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