Attempting a live blog again, folks. Tonight I am covering the last Fugee workshop. I am currently sitting in the back of the room watching the group warm up with a game that makes no sense to me. But they use the word "kitty" in the game so I like it...because I am pretending it's a game about cats. There's also a lot of running and yelling in this game. It looks dangerous. Maybe this is the real way the Fugees pick Newgees...the last one alive gets in the group?

I started off the night by interviewing the presidents of the group. A few days ago, I figured that it would be really easy to come up with questions for the interview. I mean, I have been around the group enough these past two semesters to learn enough about improv. Friends and family members have jokingly asked me why I don't just join the group already. I think an audience member from the Fugees' show Friday thought I was in fact with the group, since I was sitting with some of them after the show. 

Then, I realized that this was more of a problem then an advantage. Most of the questions I would need to ask have become common knowledge to me. So, in my mind, these would be boring questions. I had this realization when I was sitting with three of my roommates. So I asked them what they would want to know about the Fugees and their audition process. One of my roommates, who is a senior, responded with, "Uhh...what are the Fugees?" After that, I knew the really simple questions were to way to go. I decided to include informational questions about the Fugees, as well, to try to inform Marquette students who have not heard of the group before. 

Tonight is the last workshop. They have been running the same as the three weeks beforehand. The only difference is this workshop is used to tie everything together that workshop attendees have learned over the past few weeks. For example, the first two workshops introduced the beginning steps of improv and character based games. Now, all of these lessons are being tied together in the games played tonight. For example, right now the Fugees are going over the game Parallel Universe. One player leaves the room and the remaining three players on stage are given suggestions for objects or events that don't exist in their universe. The player who left comes back and guesses the suggestions based on context clues during the scene. The game is repeated with different players until every attendee gets a chance to play.

The group is near the beginning of what I assume will be their last game of the night. There have only been three or four games during the workshop, but the games have lasted longer each week. The dynamic has been different in every workshop and, in my mind, the standout performances have changed week to week.This may be my last night covering the workshops, but I will be back for auditions next week. I'm really curious to see how auditions will go and excited to see the work from the past workshops come together next week. 


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