I've mentioned before how much I love the LA Times' Framework, but now I am going to dedicate a whole blog post to obsessing over it. I mean, look at the raw emotion in this picture. The pain on the subject's face almost puts me in pain. And I wonder how the man behind him can remain absolutely stoic. I also love the onlooker's innocent curiosity. The color is gorgeous in this picture, as well. I am not a fan of the color red, but I love how it pops in the background of this picture. 
This particular picture makes great use of point of entry. Because of the woman's position in this picture, her hands are the clearest point. The picture would not be the same if the woman was in any other position. The fact that she is positioned like this is what makes the picture in my eyes. 
The rule of thirds is incredibly effective in this picture. If this church were completely centered, it would be a totally different picture. The contrast of the rough, grey stone against the clear blue sky makes this picture great, too. Framework makes great usage of many different elements within each of their photographs. Instead continue to obsess over them in my blog, go check out Framework for yourself. Just don't blame me if you develop an obsession with it. 

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