A few weeks ago, our Journalism professor talked about ways to utilize Twitter to attract more readers to our blogs. Fast forward about a week, to me at about 12:45 A.M. on a Wednesday morning. I had completely forgotten about my weekly journalism blog post, which was a little overdue. We were to write about our experience with our recent MNNS projects

I did not expect to have much to write. Maybe a few paragraphs, coupled with some screen shots to make the blog appear to be longer than it actually was. 

I searched for any internet presence of the Cluster II Play & Grow Lot, which was the subject of the piece I did with my partner Tess Quinlan. My Google results gave me a story on Fox 6 News' website – written by Tess and I. I had no idea that our piece made it onto this website, so I tweeted the information to Tess and our professor. 
The two retweeted my tweet to their followers. 
I finished my blog and scanned it the next morning for a few last minute edits. I listened to my professor's advice, and tweeted it out to my followers.  
The Marquette Journalism Department Twitter account found my story, retweeted it... 
...and then posted it on their Facebook account. Yes, besides the Journalism Facebook account and myself, my mother is the only other person who liked the post. 
Marquette University even gave me a shout out. 
So the lesson I learned is that Twitter can actually be pretty useful. It's not just about stalking celebrities or tweeting "Arrested Development" quotes back and forward with my friends. It turns out that tweeting out my assigned blog actually did attract the most readers to my blog this month. It's not a lot – but it's progress! 
9/10/2012 06:37:35 am

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