A poster for the show hangs outside of the theatre.
Since I have been with hanging out at play rehearsals for two days in a row, I've decided to do one post on both nights. I am also giving myself more work to do at rehearsals and have decided to blog while I am at rehearsals. We're doing live blogging y'all... get excited. 

Last night, the cast did not do a run, but worked on individual scenes. Instead of working on filming scenes, I tried to capture individual moments from the actors and actresses. Due to copyright laws, I cannot include too much spoken dialogue in my video. So, along with interviews with the cast, I can include small bytes of scenes and actions shots with no dialogue. So, for my scenes without dialogue, I am trying look for particularly funny or emotional reactions from actors and actresses to pair with voice overs from their interviews. For my small bytes of scenes, I have been filming key lines in the show that introduce the plot. I have seen the show enough and read through the script enough times to know when key scenes, or potentially funny improvised reactions will be happening. This has been a huge advantage - so happy the crew was kind enough to give me a script!

6:39 - The Run Begins
Tonight is a run of the show, which means the cast is putting on the show in its entirety. There are a lot of faces here tonight that I do not know. From what I overheard, students involved with costumes are here now. Members of the deck crew are here as well. I am not quite sure what that means...I think they actually do work underneath the stage? I'm staring at an opening underneath the stage right now, I can't tell if there is actually room for a fully grown human to fit under there. Maybe they slide around like snakes underneath the stage. Who knows. But Todd told the deck crew that this is probably the only time they'll see the show from "sea level." So clearly these folks are up to something during the performance. I think there is another journalist here tonight, as well. Oh, man...competition. 

The is the second time I've seen a run of the show. The last week, I saw the cast do a run along with working on particular scenes that needed work. These scenes were in the beginning of the show. This is the part of the show I am watching right now. A lot of the notes Todd gave the cast in these scenes were based on very technical things, like changing the position of a hug, put a different emphasis on this word, etc... It's great to see that Todd's notes have now become second nature for the cast in only six days. The set is also coming together more and more each time I come to rehearsal. Tonight, the stage itself is almost completely finished, lighting has been added and various decorations have been hung up on the walls.

7:58 - Act I Ends
The cast is given a ten-minute break before they start up Act II. During these breaks, they get an opportunity to hang out for a few minutes or run lines before their next scenes. Or sing and dance on stage...as one of the cast members is doing right now. I really wish I didn't have to conserve my camera battery. The only difference I have noticed from the last time I saw Act I in its entirety is that a few more moments here and there have been subtly added to scenes. My favorite scene of the play, which I have referred to many times, has gotten funnier in my opinion. The cast added a few more exchanges between Charlie and Ellard at the breakfast table to add more humor. 

Act II is starting up again. The stage manager tells the actors to get to the appropriate place and then cues the scene by announcing "Lights up!" During Act II, I have to cool it with filming. I want to conserve at least an hour of my battery for my interviews tonight and tomorrow morning. I also need to use the remaining hour and 45 minutes of rehearsal to go over my questions and mark my script for scenes to be used in my video.

9:32 - The Show is Over 
I am pretty sure that I'm up to three full views of the show now. The show is great and I cannot wait to see what this cast will be capable of in a week. The cast is on break right now, but will return back in a few minutes to get last minute notes from Todd. They are almost done for the night, but I am not. I have my third cast interview directly after rehearsals, followed by three interviews tomorrow. I believe I will have one more rehearsal left with the cast until I start putting my video together!


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