At first, I could not find the blogs through the navigation tools on I don't know, maybe my long weekend is finally catching up with me, but I searched for probably ten minutes with no luck. I had to resort to using Google to find the LA Times blogs. Once I found the blogs, I was pretty happy with what I found. Naturally, I immediately checked out the music blog, titled Pop & Hiss. I was pretty excited by the first thing I saw. And here it is:
This may not excite the average reader, but it will definitely entice an aspiring music journalist, such as myself. However, I believe that the blog itself is a great read for any fan of music. And let's be honest... who doesn't love music? From scrolling through the most recent posts of Pop & Hiss, I was able to see the great variation that is included in this blog. These posts ranged from country music news to rock concert reviews. 

Now, I found this to be pretty great, as well. The LA Times is on Tumblr. I have always thought that Tumblr is such a cool website, so I thought that it was really innovative to see a newspaper on Tumblr. This is a great way for the LA Times to show off some of its photography. 
Since I'm a little obsessed with the LA Times' photography section, Framework, I had to check out the photography blog. Although the LA Times' Tumblr uses pictures to tell stories, it doesn't quite capture emotion as well as the stunning pictures from Framework. This picture of a man during a memorial service on United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Day does just that. The LA Times has a great selection of blogs to chose from, and I wish I had the time to scour each and every one tonight. I definitely encourage everyone to check out at least a few of the blogs. 


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