The Grammys aired last night. At the beginning of the weekend, no one would have expected that the Grammys would include a tribute to a recently deceased musical talent. News broke on Saturday that pop superstar Whitney Houston died from unknown circumstances. The "Twitterverse" blew up on Saturday night with tweets mourning Houston. The tweet that caught my attention the most was this one by singer Frenchie Davis, retweeted by my journalism professor. How would the Grammy producers pay tribute to Houston, with less than 24 hours notice? 
Today, was full of articles relating to Houston. One was about how friend and mentor Clive Davis said that Houston "would have wanted the music to go on." Davis holds a pre-Grammys party every year, and the article said that attendees were in somber moods after hearing about Houston's passing. The night morphed into an impromptu tribute to Houston, by musicians such as Kinks frontman Ray Davies and singer Tony Bennett. 

Saturday, the LA Times wrote that part of the Grammys' tribute to the late Houston would include a performance by Jennifer Hudson. I am not a fan of Hudson as a person, but I think she was a great choice to pay tribute to Houston. Her rendition of "I Will Always Love You" was beautifully sung, but it still can never compare to Houston's cover of the Dolly Parton tune

Although Houston's death overshadowed the Grammys, the LA Times also covered Adele's multiple wins at the ceremony. The British songstress won in the every category she was nominated for, including album, record and song of the year. According to the LA Times' article, the singer responded, "This is ridiculous," as she broke down in tears and accepted her award for record of the year. 

On the other hand, the LA Times also wrote that the 2012 Grammys may have been "the most bloated Grammy show ever." Apparently, certain artists were given more than one segment to perform. I definitely agree with that. But, I was disappointed to  read that the LA Times considered Paul McCartney's show closing performance to be "recycled." Since I did not have a chance to see the Grammys, I do not really understand what is meant by the term "recycled." And, most disappointing of all, the article ended with the article regretting the fact that rapper Kanye West was not in attendance. 

Someone called Paul McCartney's performance "recycled," and was disappointed not to see Kanye West at the Grammys? 


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