Long gone are the days of the damsel in distress movie characters. Today's damsels get themselves out of distress. 
Some of the most recent blockbusters have started a positive trend in female movie characters. Movies are now promoting young women who can take care of themselves. They are tough and can handle what life throws them. 

Take Snow White, for example. Last summer, I got on a bit of a Disney kick and decided to go back and watch a lot of my old Disney VHS's. Snow White sort of appalled me. With her slightly Valley Girl way of talking and weak demeanor, I could not even finish the movie. 
The fairest of them all got a makeover this year. Not once, but twice. First, she is portrayed by Lily Collins in "Mirror, Mirror." In this rendition, Snow White takes on the Wicked Queen to rescue her prince. In "Snow White & The Huntsman," the princess is portrayed by Kristen Stewart, who is trained by the Huntsman to fight for her life. Needless to say, Snow White has come a long way since Disney first debuted her. She now kicks some ass. 
The LA Times' article also discusses some other independent women portrayed in the movies. There's Jennifer Lawrence who  plays Katniss Everdeen in the "Hunger Games." She is a 16-year-old hunter is is forced to fight to the death in a cruel, televised game. Lawrence is also famous for her role in "Winter's Bone," where she portrays a young girl who takes care of her siblings and must track down her dead-beat of a father. 

Even Disney is getting in on the trend. The studio, that is famous for stories about delicate princesses who need a man in their lives. This summer, Disney and Pixar are releasing "Brave" – an animated film about a young Scottish princess who won't conform to her kingdom's expectations of women.

Although women are the heroines of these stories, these films can still appeal to both men and women and have either been successful in the box office, or gotten praise, even before they are released. 

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